Adrenal insufficiency awareness. Mollys miracle

The Mollys miracle awareness page was set up in 2013 as part of an EpiPen campaign and petition. To change current outdated medication. To raise awareness of this life threatening condition and to help support parents and patients at work and school with issues regarding medication administration etc and what is expected of employers, nursery's  & schools.

We now have nearly 4000 members, the community is made up from patients, doctors, parents, patient advocates and relatives of those with adrenal insufficiency, the life threatening part of Mollys illness. 

Please visit and join the page to read about experiences, to view information posters and for updates about the new Injection pen.

It has taken 6 years of work and a 20,000 signature petition to try and change the current outdated emergency and life saving injection, to a quick pen device which is easy for the patient to use. Following  a 3 hour meeting with the CEO and his team of a large worldwide pharmaceutical company in November we are now working with them closely to achieve this.


29.08.2022 19:04


I am so so sorry for your loss. I can not even begin to imagine how you are feeling. Thank you for sharing my petition for change, same vile disease as your lovely daughter xxxx

29.08.2022 20:26


Thank you I had exactly the same situation in 2013. I started an awareness page on Facebook I didn't want a memorial page.