Why as a parent you are a secret super hero capable of anything

by Rachel Pegler     Wednesday, 25th May 2016     

Child of mine I WOULD literally DIE

The extremes we special needs mums will go
to has really put me to the test today.  

Please take my advice and believe it anyone can do anything. 

If you are a parent you are indeed a secret super hero with
powers you didn’t expect to have.

Today I have achieved goals!! i have done something I never thought

For 32 years something has had a massive
impact and has had a lot of control over my life. 

Today I learnt that kid’s who need
you, can give you this almighty strength to do and get over anything.

Ok so a few weeks ago, I read a study on how
a new treatment for fibromyalgia and ME was Having amazing results
for patients. Even reversing symptoms in some cases! 

What is it?

Answer: Hyperbaric oxygen treatment! It
looked amazing and totally space age, the more I read the more I knew Molly needed this!!

        I simply had to
get her in to one of these high tech space age things and as soon as possible!
I knew nothing about them and had images in my head of having to fly her
off to far distant lands for treatment.

I didn’t care where it was though and
even if I needed a bank loan for stupid money I had to get her there. 
In my
head this was her one chance to be my
energetic skitty trampoline bouncing Molly again!! I want my Tigger back more
than anything else in the world! 

Eagerly I sat at the computer and polished
my typing finger! Google we have a date!! ….Hyperbaric oxygen tanks go!! 

To my absolute delight 2 seconds later
I discover we have them here in Britain!! Shock horror!! (I’m quite naive).

Upon this discovery i was now becoming very excited! Where in the country can I get to??!! Me and the wheelchair are getting good
on trains!!  
The first oxygen chamber I found was in Wiltshire!! Omg
I was flabbergasted!! I can drive there in an hour !! 

Then I found one in Bristol! Jeeeze that’s
even closer!! My excitement was uncontainable and then to my absolute giddy
hyperamazed self I found one literally 20 minutes away!
A therapy centre
20 minutes away!! …

I very nearly fainted, And then contacted them immediately.
The lady sent me all of the info and some forms for the Dr!! That afternoon the
letter to Molly’s Dr was written I  drove
there and then and delivered it directly to him!! Please I prayed you
have say yes to this treatment!! 

That same day he filled in the consent
forms and gave her the go ahead!!  …

             Guess where I am right now a total of 1 week later?? !! 
Inside a hyperbaric oxygen tank ! we are
pressured up and are descending to 200 metres. 

Moll has her 100% oxygen mask on and we are
doing this thing!! 

So what you say? , well yes that is good
and good you say and luck to you,… but what’s so unusual about what you have done?

            But oh my god this is what I have to tell you. I am the most claustrophobic
person who ever walked this earth. Panic attack in a small space is my middle
name…. you know the paper bag, the feeling of impending doom, the stomach
ache the sick feeling. 

I once accidentally punched someone trying to
get out of a locked cave. If we were in a pub in the olden days I was
terrified and even phobic of a ‘lock in’ happening . (After hours drinking)

I’d have to leave the place as soon as that
last orders bell rang. 

School Buses age 15 having to open the
windows to let air in. (because really? was there enough air for all of us to
be able to breathe?)  

Having to sit next to the window in class
for the same reason, crowds made me ill i was a nightmare. God forbid help anyone who ever
tried to lock ‘me’ in the geography cupboard like they did our
teacher poor old Mr Goodwin.  I would have been terrified!! 

             It comes from this time when I was 12. My friends thought it
was a good idea to put me in a tiny barrel and
roll me down a hill at the park. It was quite funny at the time of
entrance to the barrel but
within 2 seconds in I literally thought i was going to die.

Following a bumpy descent down the hill of immense
speeds I smashed in to a big rock at the bottom. Lucky it was there!
Lucky I didn’t roll over the 7ft wall and drop in to the main road and
down another hill to the main crossroads on to a major road… 

I’d probably still be rolling now or
playing my harp in heaven. 
Well the barrel was smashed to smitherines but i was ok!
I just had serious claustrophobia issues which have lasted 32

So here we are. I’m sat here with moll
for an hour and a half. 

In a very small pressurized chamber 4 meters in length less than 2 meters high and sealed with a thick iron
door. 200 meters below sea level much like a small submarine for ants..
                  I don’t feel scared though
because i know this will make her feel better! She has been through far
worse than the barrel episode. She is the real super hero here

  … Something I have learned today.
I will do anything for my kids anything and I will do literally anything to get
this one well.

I’m not scared of anything not anymore!
Nope not me! Nothing! Molls has shown me how to do this.