If there were no doctors.

I'm not really a political person. I only shout about things which are clearly insane!

 I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of government policies or any of the other stuff they waffle on about.
To be honest they all seem to roar like childish bafoons in the house of commons then someone in a wig shouts order order and then ... 

They carry on.

It remind's me of from something out of Alice in wonderland. i'm half waiting for someone to come riding in on a flamingo shouting off with his head.

So its easy to say, from past experience,  ie: being robbed of money through various thought up twatty ideas by them as my life has gone on i find them hard to take seriously. Or respect.

 I don't think they will ever really listen to the people  and believe they do exactly what they like. 
Yesterday though I felt proud!  when I saw on the news the outside of my Molly's children s hospital in Bristol. 

Consultants had come out to show solidarity and support for the junior Dr's . 
It made me think about how much the government has got wrong here. 

How can around 38,000 junior Dr's not be winning against one man. ? What does he want? Is he mad? can he not see he is slightly out numbered here?

How many hours does 'he' work a week? Does he see regular trauma and heartbreak? Is he ever, so tired he could fall down? 

Does he have to keep the welfare of so many people at the foremost of his brain at all times? erm oh yes he does :/ #fail

 without the hard work and dedication of these Dr's there would be no health service!! Who else would work these hideously long shifts and put so much effort in to all they do?

They are committed DECENT, HARD WORKING human beings!! this   career is way of life they have chosen and thank god they have, has 'he' ever had to rely on dr's to save his child's life? 

The term junior Dr also gives the impression of being quite young and not experienced.

This is not the case, you can still be a junior after 16 years of hard work, study and commitment.
What got to me yesterday was the way the consultants joined in the support .. It was heart warming to see and  I admire that.

The fact they are sticking up for what is right and are supporting their colleagues

 I cannot believe the way these dr's are being treated by the government. believe me I know the work they put in. 

I have sat in the hospital with my poorly child for weeks on end. 

I see the same Dr's doing the rounds in the morning when I'm just getting breakfast for her and most of them are still there working when I put her to bed. And beyond that.

In 17 years not one of these Dr's has ever lost any professionalism. Not one of them has mentioned they were tired. They have always been helpful reassuring and amazing. 

They do their best at all times and have been there to care for my child when she has been very poorly over the last 17 years. Of course this is only one small miniscule percentage of what they do.

Without the commitment of these special people the collapse of the whole Nhs will be imminent. Where will the government find replacements for these people who are saving lives on a daily basis ? It takes a special human being to do what they do.

For goodness sake treat them fairly or at least get some experience of a typical week in the life of a junior Dr. before making these rules.

Until you have that experience you have no right to dictate their lives. Seriously you need to be thankful for them. Why would anyone want to train to be a dr in the health service if this is how they are treated? and simple maths shows me as time goes on they wont.

Well I am grateful for everything they have ever done for us and so are thousands of family's around the country.

Without Dr's where the hell would we be?

Sort it out before its to late.

The end