Race, Religion, Status, Class, Disabilities, When it comes down to it we are all the same. We all have the ability to be kind.

The human race could learn a lot about life from the chronically ill.

In many ways the world of chronic illness and disability. Is a kinder more caring and compassionate place than you would think. 

I thought I would do anything to get out of this world of the chronically ill. I mean I have always been here but quite alone until Molly was diagnosed. The parent of an ill child living in a world of well muggles. It was quite hard to keep up, I've been knackered from worry since 1999. Waves of boredom used to sweep across the faces of my friends. When 'again' I would be just going on and on about how poorly molls had been, her latest test results blaghdeblagh. I think I'm just a self therapy talker. So get me on the subject of Molly's health and I can rant on for hours, I'm sure it was quite depressing as a conversation. But then it all changed 3 years ago

I've kicked against being here for 3 years. Probably due to the injustice of it all. Because 3 years ago my 'actual' world was made concreate it was cemented in where it had never been before.

I had always remained positive for 14 years that Moll would miraculously just get better one day. We had no diagnoses so may be she would just grow out of it.

Of course I kicked against it! who wouldn't want their child to  be well. Be at school, have lots of friends and have a great​ and  fulfilled life.

But that is not the way it is going to be and to accept that is the best way of making peace with the truth.

          Things are not bad here just different. Different to your normal run of the mill life. Molly will have a good life just a slightly amended one.

Sometimes I cry, sometimes I get frustrated and sometimes I do not know where to turn. But generally life is good. We laugh and we are happy, all of us. Its a juggling act I cannot pretend it isn't and sometimes Mr me and myself are so tired we don't know what day it is. But I can tell you something we are better people because of this world we live in. 

With Chronic illness, disability, pain and suffering also comes Compassion, empathy and kindness. Real kindness. I am humbled every time I come here for instance to oxygen therapy. We are here now at a multiple sclerosis  center.

We have been coming here for nearly a year now and have met some extraordinary people.

People who suffer immensely. Wonderful people who are the kindest most positive people you will ever meet. A lot of these guys have carers to help them dress in the mornings to wash and do all of the basic things we take for granted.

Some are very young, others are older. In all of this time I have never seen any nastiness, bitterness or unkindness. To be honest with you, the multiple sclerosis center is one of the nicest, most welcoming caring places I have ever been to. And it is all run by Ms volunteers. Myself and Molly have learned so much here. We see on a daily basis the suffering this illness brings. Alive happy, positive people who's minds are all magnificent but who's body's are failing them.

Its so difficult to understand how these guys are better people than your average well person. They suffer terribly and yet remain so positive.

I am truly amazed and humbled by it. And its good to see how Molly is encouraged by the richness of their determination to carry on and be so happy.

Not only do I find this here,  I also find it amongst my new family as I call them. People who I never knew before Molly was diagnosed but I do now. The mums of children with this Illness, Dads, grandparents, chronic illness sufferers themselves. These people have all become my friends. We all share the same values and we all have the same outlook on life. One of caring and compassion. Some friends who you think will be there forever do just come and go. It's Not their fault they just don't share the same existence in life. They haven't experienced it nor do I want them to. But I know the people I have met who are in this world with me will be my friends for life and that is something special.

Its ok to be different. Sometimes its better. Life is not about Money, highly paid jobs, Religion, status, colour or class. We are all equal.

It is about kindness, respect, happiness and being grateful for what you have.